Special tanks for special needs

Pol. Ind. P6-16 (A-68, km 266)
Zaragoza (Spain)
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Main Tel.: (+34) 976 656 279
GPS coordinates: N:41.761747 W:-1.159014

Welcome to Multitank's website. Thank you for your visit.

Our Mission:  

To provide our customers with the best and most comprehensive service, fulfilling their needs and always driven by the highest commitment towards Innovation, Technology and Quality in all our equipment and services.

Multitank is a Spanish company, devoted to designing and manufacturing of special tank containers and swap tanks for the transport of all types of products, hazardous or non-hazardous: liquids, gases, powders/granulates, foodstuffs, cryogenics, etc.

Our company's policy is based on the following commitments:
-    Integral service.
-    Business ethics.
-    Assumption of our customers' problems and needs as our own.
-    Flexibility and reaction swiftness to our customers' requirements.
-    Involvement with the customer to find the best technical and economical solution.
-    Technology, Quality and Innovation.

If you have a problem related to the transport of liquids, gases, powders/granulates or foodstuffs, come and let us know. We shall solve it!

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